The force of the bomb blast at the Sari club left a crater in the ground 5ft deep and 22ft wide.

The Official Investigation concluded that the bomb device used was made up of "50-150kgs potassium chlorate detergent mixed with aluminum powder and sulphur" stolen from Java and placed in a van parked outside the Sari club. This cocktail of ingredients would make for a low-explosive at best.

Concrete was ripped 15 metres from the blast crater. Evidence of this important fact was removed when the debris from the bombsite was dumped in the ocean soon after by authorities as part of a Hindu cleansing ritual.

Cars and buildings were damaged or destroyed up to 400 metres away, and yet Investigators claim that they could trace the axel of the van to the alleged bomber, a poor Muslim villager from Java who was a motorbike mechanic and chicken farmer named Amrozi.

The sound of the bomb explosion could be heard up to 15kms away, such was the size of the blast.

Such was the staggering force and shock wave of the explosion that some of the victims’ bodies were vaporized completely leaving no human remains. Only a critical nuclear device has the heat needed for instant cremation - conventional explosives would not have vanished particles in this way. Most bodies that could be identified were returned to their families with missing body parts.

Eyewitnesses recall a sudden power cut followed by a blinding flash of light, a terrific bang, and a giant "mushroom cloud" of pure white smoke arising out of a flaming red fireball rising immediately 100 metres into the night sky.

The bomb signature of the Sari club bomb had hallmarks of a critical plutonium nuclear fission weapon known as a "micro nuke" such as those manufactured at Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev Desert in Israel. Indonesion authorities at first speculated that the bomb may have been a nuclear device before US and Australian authorities intervened in the investigation.

An international team of UK, Australian and US Police investigators arrived suprisingly within 24hrs, and then promptly left shortly afterwards to do further forensic testing in lab conditions.

The conclusion of the bomb’s make up changed 8 times. Experts could not explain the crater.

Neither Jemaah Islamiyah nor al Qaeda ever claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The US government has detained the alleged "mastermind" of the Bali bombings, Riduan bin Isomuddin aka Hambali at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba without any evidence and pending a secret trial. Strangely only one known photo exists of this "highly dangerous" man who was trained by the CIA in Afghanistan in the 1980's to fight in the Afghan Islamic jihad against Soviet occupation.

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